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Brolac Water Based Wood Primer

Waterbased primer for use on wood, can be used as a primer and undercoat.

Brolac Water Based Metal Primer

Waterbased primer for with anti corrosive properites for use on metal

Brolac Water Based Gloss

Internal and External Waterbased Gloss for wood and metal.

Berger Tex Primer

White Masonary primer for external use

Berger Rust Master

Metal Rust remover

Berger T-Wash

etching primer for galvanised steel

Berger Mould Buster

Additive to internal masionary paints for extended anti mould protection.

White Spirit

Solvent and brush cleaner for Alkyd paints

Berger StoneShield

A modern rendering finish with high weathering properties

Brolac Chlorinated Rubber Thinner

Thinner for Chlorinated Rubber

Brolac Chlorinated Rubber

Swimming pool paint resistant to chlorine

Berger Joint Putty

Flexible putty for large cracks

Decora Super Sealer

Primer for limestone used also as a waterproof additive to cement.

Berger Gypsum Primer

Primer for Gypsum plastered walls and boards

Berger Liquiguard


Berger Pitstop

Smooth floor coating ideal for garage floors

Berger Patio Dressing

Floor paint with non slip aggrigate

Berger Concrete Sealer 30% Solids

Seals concrete from dust

Stabilizing Solution-Solvent Based

Masonary primer for external limestone and concrete

Stabilizing Solution-Low Odour

Masonary Primer for internal limestone low odour

Berger CoolRoofs

Waterproofing with insulating properties

Berger Terrace Water Barrier

Waterproofing clear coat with good adhesion to ceramic tiles

Berger Flexible Roof Compound

Waterproofing compound, for flat roofs and most surfaces

Brolac Polyurethane Varnish

Clear varnish for wood

Brolac Wood Varnish Stains

Clear Varnish for wood in six different shades

Brolac Super Yacht Varnish

Clear varnish for wood with UV resistance

Brolac Cold Galvanising

Cold Galvanising for protection against rust

Brolac Galvanised Metal Primer

Waterbased Metal primer for Galvanised metal and non ferrous metals

Brolac Red Oxide Primer

Alkyd anti corrosive Primer

Brolac All Purpose Primer

Alkyd primer for all surfaces Wood and Metal

Brolac Undercoat

Alkyd undercoat

Brolac Gloss

Alkyd paint for wood and metal, Gloss and Eggshell finish

Weathercoat No. 2

External Masonary waterproof emulsion with Smooth Finish

Weathercoat No.1

External Masonary waterproof emulsion With Fine Texture

Berger Medishield

Washable Emulsion, kills germs

Brolac Vinyl Satin

Washable with a satin finish

Chalk Board

Convert your wall to a chalk board, easily washable

Berger Airflow

Waterpaint Matt

Murisan Acrylic Emulsion

Anti Mould and Wipeable internal paint Matt

Murisan Plastic Emulsion

Anti mould and washable internal paint matt

Murisan Extra

Anti Mould, non staining, highly washable internal paint matt

Murisan Antimoffa

Ready for use solution for killing moulds, algae and other organic growths in humid and damp areas.
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