Use cases

Internal Emulsion

Internal Emulsion paints are tailored for indoor spaces, offering a smooth, matte finish that effortlessly enhances the atmosphere of your home. Explore our Internal Emulsion range, designed for walls and ceilings, providing a versatile and elegant solution for every room. 

External Masonry

Exterior Emulsion paints are crafted to endure the elements, providing durable protection against weathering while adding vibrant hues to outdoor surfaces. Explore our range of Exterior Emulsion paints designed to withstand the rigours of the great outdoors. 


Our Waterproofing paints provide cutting-edge solutions for ultimate surface protection. Specifically designed for durability, these paints create a robust barrier against water damage. The quick-drying and easy application ensure a resilient finish, guarding your surfaces against the elements. 

Floor COatings

Floor Coatings offer resilience and style, transforming surfaces into durable, attractive spaces. Our range of Floor Coatings ensures protection against wear and tear while enhancing the aesthetics of any floor type. 

Wood & Metal

Our Wood and Metal paints are tailored for versatile application on both surfaces. Crafted with precision, these premium paints offer a resilient finish for wood and metal alike. With easy application and lasting protection, our solutions enhance and safeguard surfaces, providing a durable and aesthetically pleasing outcome. 

Anti Mould Products

Our premium anti-mould products are expertly formulated to combat and prevent mould and mildew growth effectively. Explore our range for solutions that safeguard your space, ensuring a cleaner, healthier environment.

Wood & Metal Primers

Our Wood and Metal Primers offer a premium foundation for wood and metal surfaces. Formulated to ensure optimal adhesion and durability, our primers prepare wood and metal surfaces for flawless finishes. With easy application and a strong base, our Wood and Metal Primers enhance the longevity and quality of your wood and metal paint job. 

Masonry Primers

Masonry Primers lay the foundation for a resilient and lasting paint job on your exterior surfaces. Our Masonry Primers are specially formulated to ensure proper adhesion and durability, providing a solid base for subsequent coats. 

Swimming Pools

Swimming Pool paint crafted from Chlorinated Rubber offer a premium solution, providing unparalleled durability and resilience. Our paint, formulated with pure Chlorinated Rubber, ensures quick application and fast drying, resulting in a robust finish that withstands pool conditions. With exceptional resistance to acids, chlorine, oxidizing, and bleaching agents, our Chlorinated Rubber paints promise enduring protection for your swimming pool. 

Other Thinner

Our premium paint thinners not only ensure flawless results but also facilitate smooth application, improving paint flow and blending. Explore our range for solutions that help create a foundation for exceptional outcomes.

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